Wednesday, December 5, 2007

new years

zeke and jemima - ohmigawd, don't even wanna go there, but lets just say on new years zeke lost the car, his phone, his everything because he was traumjitised by this chick. chantay found him under the wyliee's vehicale. she keeps on leading him on coz she wants the power and he keeps on falling for it. anyways after he smashed a drink at me and sevrine . is feet. and i went up to jemima and said 'once a slut, always a slut. fuck you ya slut." and then i felt bad, but RJ said not to worry about it and she deserved it, so after consulting with them who did not help i went up to her and she looked shit scared and started crying, so i said sorry then. anywyas, fuck them two crazies. i NEED A SMOKE>

peta - she did get back with damen but i think now its over ay. she wanted to get with rachel on friday night and she's like 'im bi' and all upset, it was so funny! but she's all right.

sam - he's happy. i am so happy he's back i love that boy so much.

joseph - he's all right. but have hardly seen him at all. he has no money so whats the point. he came out one night and expected me to pay for him the whole night so i told him to get fucked basically. he now owes me money.

tish - okay so i saw something in her that changed. but then i heard from joseph that she's just been screwing whoever to get back at freddy and then paul and josephtold me that she got back with him, he bashed her up and no one has heard from her since. but she was so much better off without him like she was talking and being happy and calling me. and another thing, she told me she liked fred (after i said i liked him first) and not to even go there. and basically told joseph she'd kill me if i did.

rachel - has hooked up with so many people its not even funny ay. finaly rick told her on new years to get over it and he didn't like her and he wants to move on. she got with some guy that was on julie's porno. yes well she just told me 2 mins ago that she ended up screwing blake (gawd i love him ay. he's so funny. me and him were going off at olinta and telling her to get fucked coz she poured a drink on him. and we threatened to throw her in the pool. haha) at new years after he spent the whole night gettting with chantay. haha.

simon - who gives a shit.i just pretend i dont know him now.he has no friends.

erin - not much up with her, do you remember danni? stayed with erin for two days. and we saw samantha and partied it up with her. erin hooked up with jimmy but he dont want her. then shely throws awater botlte after him and he's cahsing us down the street, swearing and so angry. we were so scared but laughing our heads off. he even punched the car and opened the door.


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