Wednesday, December 5, 2007

new years continued

haha im so ashamed about new and nita for once were like 'lets just go crazy.' so we both did. we didn't think we'd have the guts but we did get so smashed off champagne. we went to the mcdonalds who spent $3000 on alcohol! and it was great, so much fun. we just talked to everyone and had an awesome time. then new years came and say i think i hooked up with this guy called mitch (? apparently use to live here!? so gross, biggest regret out of the guys i did hook up with. he just looked like a real asshole even though he was nice to me). and then micheal (ohmigawd. i hooked up with in a drunken state during teh week last week 2 and have been trying to avoid him, but i said happy new years and he stuck his tongue in. he'd just been weird coz he was like texting us and kept asking what we were doing so that scared me) and some random in teh pool, very cute, but yeah (oh gawd i am so ashamed.) and i think another random along teh way. and then cole! FUCK! so no one in town has escaped him. like coz cole has a girlfirnd right and during the time he's been here he keeps asking me to kiss him and pulling me aside ad trying to. and then he gave up and i was like good. coz he so doesn't like me, just trying to pull. and he was like 'ohmigawd, i cant believe i did it. yes, the second sister! after how long" so he had managed to hook up with chantay too! hahaahaa. and chantay hooked up with alistair too. OHMIGAWD. then after the mcdonalds, sean got in his hilux and dropped us at the club and we just ditched him, haha. now i get onto fred.....okay, so i have never hooked up with this boy right....but i finally did on new years. and im hopeing he never finds out about the others ay.....shit......haha.....(thats a nervous haha, by the way....). and then we went home but we were locked out. chantay slept on a chair, chelle slept on teh doormat and i slept on a sunbed in teh back of the truck.


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